ChinaFreight Sucks - this is a review of - they lost $7000 in product and did nothing to help

in October 2020 we requested an LCL from China to the USA

Chinafreight ( also known as ) converted our LCL into 28 individual packages without telling us

when these packages arrived in the USA, 25 were lost

when we asked for help we got no help

after much research, we found the name of their USA agent for this shipment ( they change USA agents with every shipment)

that agent was unable to explain what happened to our 25 cartons

they blamed FedEx

but - FedEx confirms that these cartons were never delivered to FedEx, they were never scanned in, so they are lost

ChinaFreight customer service during this time has been terrible, we have called, emailed, had 5 different people in China call, and got no help

My Review therefore of is terrible, 0 stars, and I hope others do not incur losses with this company.

We have lost: $5000 in product, $800 in shipping, $1500 in duties

ChinaFreights says to us - screw you

if anyone out there knows how to find lost packages like this - please let us know.

All the reviews of chinafreight and appear to be paid for by, these are not real customer reviews